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Unlike other entrepreneur groups and online investment models. RealTalkBiz is a team that leverages working together with combined industry, business and real estate experience bringing along exclusive connections, opportunities and quality deals. This is why we’re different:


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—We are working with entrepreneurs and Real Estate investors looking to learn, connect and build overall growth. As for Real Estate Investing we have a team with several connections from construction to investing, always sharing and building our network.

Homerun Deals

Do you have a deal or are looking to joint venture on your property deals?

Business Tools

Save time and money with our partnered resources. (Taxes services, Bidding Templates, Scheduling tips and tricks)

ABR Capital

Want to invest with ABR Investments on our next Hot Deals?

Investor Specials

Looking to purchase properties in Indiana, Ohio or Florida? Wholesale. Partner. JV.

Entrepreneur Specials

Passive income avenues and learning kits. Tools, Tips and Tricks.

Flip Master

Join us and learn from the best flippers in not only Real Estate but the ultimate OG’s. (Collectibles to Vending Machines, ATM Machines and More!)


Golf with Austin

Learn how to build your network, create awareness and impact other with social media and personal branding.

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Our Innovative Ideas, The Most Stylish designs

A comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients. We provide large number of people better and luxurious living homes and basic design development.

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3D Designs Layouts

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