About us

About Us

Virtual Real Talk Biz

Virtual Real Talk Biz (VRTbiz) is not only an inspired and ambitious group of unique entrepreneurs, but a team full of various fitting personalities, that work together and have the same outlook when it comes to, not only helping and assisting entrepreneurs to investors, but working together to help build a solid future foundation.

What separates VTRbiz from your typical “Look at my Lambo” type social media, for the most part we call them “Hackers!”. If you are looking for a place to waste your day, or week, at a seminar and pump your fist at a pyramid scheme, you’ve come to the WRONG place!

Strong Relationship

VIP Members

We are looking for a strong relationship building connection, maybe even more. For those of you that are newer to the game and really want to learn, we plan on truly understanding and assisting you for the future. Our VIP members are thoroughly evaluated. And for those already established, we are obligated to your needs, whatever they are. We want to help grow communities, which will give you access to all of our non private groups, etc.

About Us

What separates us:

Brand Building

Brand Building with true exclusive sessions

Meet Mentors and Investors

Meet Mentors and Investors on our online golf game

Working with Investors

Working with Investors to get them deals and building a long lasting relationship!

Education, Courses...

Education, Courses, and Resources that will save you 100’s upon 100’s of hours!


We send ongoing progress reports, stay in communication; especially for newbies and those who love to network. We want all parties involved but at an understanding to build on, and help communities strive!

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Team Members

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