Home Staging & Final Touches. Home For Sale! 10 Tips

white wooden cupboards

Start with a fresh look neutral paint, Clear countertops, beautiful lighting, fresh neutral paint, and top it off with decrative accents. tasteful decorative accents to top it all off — home staging will help your house sell quickly. .

A staged house sells for more money and the quickness of the sale is much faster, especially in today’s market.” Attract your buyers!

Here 10 tips to get your started…

Upgrade front entry

red exit door in old building of modern city

Outdoor Staging. Inviting look!

Plant flowers in shades, trim bushes and trees, make sure the lawn is mowed, when you pull in to the driveway it should feel inviting as if you personally get that feeling like you have to check out the inside of the home!

Maximize natural light.

Luxury stylish kitchen and living room.

white wooden cupboards
Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels.com

Upgrade all lighting indoors – Lighting is crucial its all about giving your potential buyer that feeling of energy and welcoming. No one wants to buy a house that’s dark and dreary, so if you’re looking to sell fast, you need to maximize your home’s lighting appearance, both artificial and natural.

Stage only the main areas of home

Improve your furniture flow/layout

Make sure the furniture flows well when staging your home to sell quickly. Also, make sure your arrangement doesn’t block entryways or the ability to walk comfortably from room to room.
white couch on wooden floor

Tell a scent story – Have you ever ordered barbecue or a steak dinner simply because you the smell made your mouth water? Point proven, giving the home a fresh smell can make all the difference! Decorative aroma candles near driftwood on creased fabric

art beauty business candles

Find quality Final Touch Products.

Have a final checklist.

And…. Top it off with these final touches:

– Wooden bench and stools in a cozy room
– Add a new doormat
– Welcome outdoor doormat
– Put in a new mailbox
– Update your house numbers
– Clean up before staging your home to sell quickly

door handle key keyhole

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