Startup "must haves" at your finger tips...

After serveral years and hours upon hours wasted I wanted to pass along to my fellow members some of the best tools and online system used to help you grow your business.

I made this because unfortutally I have already wasteed the time there is no reason for you to as well. Enjoy!

Building your business - guide

From building your brand, organizing, getting leads, to bidding more jobs and or meeting budgets. Top resources, programs and templates to get you rolling. 

Marketing Tools for FREE!

Yes, I said free. Great tools espesially if you are just starting. Ofcourse as you start to grow a few of these have costs down the road. Lets  get to it. Email Marketing Mail Chimp. Create news letters, flyers, business cards and more easy to use. 

Freelancers and Virtual Assitance

Forget the 9-5 hires that work half the day. LEts get things done! Highly recommend Fivver. 

Side hustles. Make a quick buck!

One of my favs, not for everyone but if you do your home work win some quick money by betting online at draftkings or fanduel. 

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